Essential Digital Equity Workshop

Need a Laptop and Affordable Internet?

Attend Essential Digital Equity Workshop and recieve FREE Laptop, Computer training, Internet savings program, and other no cost Essential services.

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Served: 474       Waitlist: 1242

ACP Enrollment Assisted: 340

(Contingent Upon Essential Digital Equity Workshop Funding)

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  • Digital Navigator
  • Internet Service Provider selection assistance
  • ChromeBook
  • Computer Literacy and Internet Training
  • Essential Parenting Education
  • Essential Telehealth
  • EveryThing- Essential Local Resources, at your fingertips!
  • NoW Video Conference
  • Z Trip (transportation)
  • Child Care Payment Assistant
  • Digital Workforce Development (which includes, Digital Navigator, AWS Linux Software Developer, Remote Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Creator, and Essential Parenting Educator)
  • All Essential Digital Equity Programs are measured using Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), and Data is reported in “Real Time” to Clients, Funders, Donors, and Providers.