Essential Digital Equity Program White Label Model Application

After two (2) very successful Digital Equity pilots, and closing the Digital Divide for 500 households, we are launching our Essential Digital Equity Program, White-Label Model.

A White-Label arrangement/delivery model is when a product or service is made by one company, or entity, but is sold or provided by another company or entity.

Your Digital Equity Program (brand), powered by Essential Families.

Our Essential Digital Equity Program was designed, built, and is delivered based on the NTIA statutory requirement for the content of State Digital Equity Plans set forth in Section 60304(c)(1) of the Infrastructure Act.

Our Essential Digital Equity Program/White-Label Model is available for any non-profit, anchored institution, government agency, foundation, library, ISP, or for-profit business, that needs to enter the Digital Equity space immediately to close the Digital Divide in their city or state.


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